Sorry Mr. Biden, But It’s Your Liberalism That Chains The Poor To Dependency

by alexvanbuskirk

Sorry Mr. Biden, But It’s Your Liberalism That Chains The Poor To Dependency

By Bill Flax @ Forbes (August 21, 2012)

The entitlement state and identity politics exemplify an infamous marriage hitching voters to public freebies. It’s even chic to declaim that making people purchase their own contraceptives embodies a Republican “War on Women.” But, borrowing Robert Higgs’ metaphor, safety-nets ensnare their prey in webs of government bondage.

In our over – yes – over-served communities, where welfare recipients fashion food stamps instead of wages, character and vitality erode under an avalanche of “help.” Families, disproportionately colored, become shackled by chains of dependency. Taxpayers of every hue are being consigned to serfdom by debt and bureaucracy.

Welfare weds single mothers to the public weal freeing fathers to carouse like feral cats. Only one in six black children is reared by both parents. Welfare smashed what slavery couldn’t, wrecking a vibrant community to entrap dole takers on Democrats’ voting plantation.

America slides toward socialism – state slavery – as demagogues parlay identity politics as pretext to swell the state. Civil rights provided the rationale behind Washington’s intrusion into matters previously private. Even as Soviet Russia’s collapse decisively discredited Marxist economics, this cultural off-shoot called political correctness, thrives.