Democrat Erskine Bowles Called Ryan Budget ‘Sensible, Straightforward, Serious’

by alexvanbuskirk

Democrat Erskine Bowles Called Ryan Budget ‘Sensible, Straightforward, Serious’

By Michael Patrick Leahy @ Breitbart (August 13, 2012)

‘Have any of you met Paul Ryan? We should get him to come to the university. I’m telling you this guy is amazing, uh. I always thought that I was OK with arithmetic, but this guy can run circles around me. And, he is honest. He is straightforward. He is sincere.

And, the budget that he came forward with is just like Paul Ryan. It is a sensible, straightforward, serious budget and it cut the budget deficit by $4 trillion…just like we did.

The President came out with his own plan and the President came out, as you will remember, with a budget and I don’t think anyone took that budget very seriously. Um, the Senate voted against it 97 to nothing. He, therefore, after a lot of pressure from folks like me, he came out with a new budget framework and, in the new budget framework, he cut the budget deficit by $4 trillion over 12 years. And, to be candid, this $4 trillion cut was very heavily back-end loaded. So, if you looked at it on a 10 year basis and compared apples-to-apples, it was about a $2.5 trillion cut.’

Now that the video in which Mr. Bowles praises the Ryan budget has surfaced, it will become increasingly difficult for serious minded Democrats like Mr. Bowles to continue to maintain the fiction that President Obama has any intention of changing his policies of financially reckless extremism.  Conservative blogger Iowahawk tweeted the argument succinctly in less than 140 characters on Saturday immediately after Romney’s selection of Ryan as his Vice President was announced: “Paul Ryan represents Obama’s most horrifying nightmare: Math.”