The Postmodern President

by alexvanbuskirk

The Postmodern President: The challenge is finding anything his campaign says that is true

Review & Outlook @ WSJ (August 9, 2012)

Mr. Obama likes to claim everything he does is unprecedented, and in this case that happens to be true—true in the old-fashioned, not postmodern, sense.

Our point isn’t that politics is often brutal and unfair. That’s always been so. And it isn’t that Mr. Obama promised to elevate the national conversation for an era of partisan comity. Dumping that 2008 pose was inevitable.

The point is that more than any President we can recall, Mr. Obama isn’t trying to persuade voters that he deserves to stay in office because of his philosophy, record or positive vision for the country. Rather, his case is that he deserves re-election because Mr. Romney is worse, and he is so very much worse because of things that were invented in the West Wing but are detached from reality.