Now Romney Blamed for ‘Death Squads’ in El Salvador?

by alexvanbuskirk

Now Romney Blamed for ‘Death Squads’ in El Salvador?

By David Harsanyi @ Human Events (August 11, 2012)

Moreover, if there were anything to the allegations, the Obama Administration would have to explain why it met with one of the alleged hit-squad leaders twice this year.

The Los Angeles Times has reported, though some U.S. officials accused  Central American exiles in Miami of funding “right-wing death squads inEl Salvador” (the left-wing death squads were in power, incidentally) “no evidence indicates those relatives invested in Bain or benefited from it.”

But two of the people named by Huffington Post, Francisco de Sola and his cousin, Herbert Arturo de Sola, are interesting.

As the Huffington Post points out, in 1990, Orlando and Francisco de Sola “allegedly” assassinated two left-wing activists in Guatemala. They don’t mention that the  report states there was “no definitive evidence” linking them to assassinations. Moreover, the alleged assassination took place six years after they invested in Bain. It’s amazing that Romney’s supernatural ability to foresee future events hadn’t kicked in.

If we concede that the story has legs, it is also fair to ask: Why would the Obama Administration meet with leaders of right-wing hit squads?

After all, Francisco de Sola met with Obama’s Deputy Secretary of Commerce in January 2012. He also met with Eric Postel, the Coordinator Of The Partnership For Growth in February 2012 to discuss an a initiative that seeks to “focus international resources on reducing the primary obstacles to a country’s economic growth.”

If Francisco de Sola’s investment in Bain is worth noting, even though he was accused of his crime six years after the fact, surely the administration meeting with him after the accusations were made is remarkable.

Dare I say, perhaps campaigns had higher standard in those days, but I’m probably romanticizing the past.