Did Romney Invest in the Abortion Industry? (Answer: No)

by alexvanbuskirk

Did Romney Invest in the Abortion Industry? (Answer: No)

By Guy Benson @ Townhall (July 23, 2012)

To recap: Bain invested in Stericycle after Mitt Romney left the company, and appears to have fully divested from the company three years prior to Stericycle beginning its work with abortion clinics.  Also, the pro-life organizations that most actively oppose abortion didn’t discover Stericycle’s connection to abortion until roughly a dozen years after a (Romney-free) Bain Capital made its long-since-expired investment.  But aside from all that, Romney profited from abortion!  If Team Obama or any of its unofficial surrogates decide to resurrect this inaccurate claim over the next four months, perhaps it might be time for conservatives to remind the American people that Barack Obama was the leading opponent of the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act as a State Senator.  The law was crafted to end the barbaric (and documented) practice of abortionists abandoning babies who survived botched abortions, leaving them to suffer and die.  Obama has offered various explanations for his multiple votes, several of which have been proven to be false and deliberately misleading.